A Case for Action

How many times has each of us heard a senior citizen say “I wouldn’t even know how to turn the thing on?” Where do you suppose all the programs and entitlements that would make their lives easier are listed? That’s right; on the very computer they don’t know how to use and certainly in most cases can’t afford to buy.

The Pantry Of Broward, Inc. will act as their personal computer and connection to the rest of the world and their entitlements. We will enlighten, educate, and provide our clients through our knowledge of where to go or how to contact various agencies that were designed to help them.

Who could have predicted years ago, when these folks were working hard and saving for retirement that a loaf of bread would cost $2.00, flank steak would be $11.99 a pound, a bottle of orange juice would cost $3.00, and a box of cereal starts at almost $4.00 a box? How about their much needed medications? Could anyone ever have conceived that their pills, which they need to survive on cost $500.00 a month and more?

Therefore, The Pantry of Broward will provide not only a balanced and nutritional meal to our seniors, but offer cooking classes, menu planning and suggestions on how to purchase additional items in the most economical way.

We will also plan educational classes informing our clients on how to read their insurance cards and information after Medicare isn’t an option.  Additionally we offer financial planning classes, health care advice, and physical fitness classes for the elderly.

The Pantry of Broward will hold the seniors hand in their process to contact businesses that help senior citizens repair/replace their eye glasses, help with the light bill, where to purchase their medicines, transportation availability and agencies that help with their grandchildren’s needs.  This is just the tip of the iceberg for The Pantry.

We strive to make the lives of all our clients, who have already contributed so much to our present day society, a happier and healthier place to live.