Organize a Food Drive

The Pantry of Broward distributes a 55 pound box of nutritious food to seniors who are in need and grandparents raising their grandchildren.  An estimated 150 boxes a week will be distributed during 2013 – a number that will increase as the program grows. We need food to fill those boxes! Please help organize a food drive at your place of work, your place of worship, in your neighborhood or condo. You can collect dry foods such as pastas, cereals, etc, plus canned goods such as meat, fish or vegetables which will then be sorted into the food boxes and distributed to those in need.

Why Hold a Food Drive?

Increasingly, the face of hunger in Broward County is someone we know. But you can help feed the elderly by running a food drive in your company, organization, religious meeting place, or school. A food drive is an easy and rewarding project for any size business or group to undertake. And everyone can participate!

Getting Organized

First, select a date. It may be over several days or weeks. Keep in mind that food is always needed by The Pantry of Broward, not simply during the holiday season. Consider running a food drive during the summer or late winter when food donations are typically slow but demand is still high. Notify The Pantry of Broward at 954-358-1481 to let us know about your drive. Our staff will be more than willing to assist you in your planning and we can provide an up-to-date listing of the most-needed food items. Please, also inform The Pantry of Broward of when your drive will be concluded so we know when to expect the delivery or we can arrange for pick-up.

Publicity is a great way to increase awareness

Publicize your food drive at least two weeks in advance. Signs and fliers should list the date(s) of the drive, that the food will be donated to The Pantry of Broward, what types of food are needed, and where the collection boxes are located. Post signs in well-traveled areas of your building(s). Lobbies, cafeterias, mail rooms and coffee areas are good locations. Notices can also be placed in employee mailboxes and via email to all staff or membership. You can also contact the media and involve the general public. We have various pre-designed flyers that you can easily customize for your organization.  Email We can also help you with a professional press release!

After the drive is over, don’t forget to thank people for donating and let them know how much food was collected. The Pantry of Broward can take photos of you delivering all the collected food to our center which are great for the newspaper!

Types of Food to Collect

Please collect canned and dry goods in the following categories: tuna, meats, stew, vegetables, canned fruits, pasta, rice, instant potatoes, dried beans, and peanut butter. Be sure to ask The Pantry of Broward, Inc. staff if there are additional food items that are most in need at the time of your food drive. Supplies may be low in a particular category.

How to Collect the Food

Whether your food drive is an in-house event or one in which the public will participate, collection sites should be convenient and highly visible. Lobbies, cafeterias, and other well-traveled locations are excellent spots to collect the food. The most convenient way to collect the food is in boxes.

How to Handle the Food After it is Collected

Please call The Pantry of Broward at 954-358-1481 to let us know when you will be dropping off the food. Please bring the donated food to The Pantry of Broward on 601 N.W. Third Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311. The Pantry of Broward hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you need your food to be collected, The Pantry of Broward, staff will be happy to make the arrangements. Please call us to arrange a time.

The food you collect will go straight to the elderly poor and to those grandparents raising grandchildren. You may not meet all the people who will benefit from your efforts, but know you will be appreciated.

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