Most of our news report on is our food drives, special events, the event of the year Dancing with the Stars of Broward.  But today I want to share a letter written by an employee of The Pantry.  Many people think that when we are searching for people to write a check, that we are only happy when it is a check of thousands of dollars.  And yes those are wonderful, but what keeps us going day to day are checks like the one mentioned below.  Please take a moment to read.

Goodbye sweet Beatrice you will be missed.

“Sometimes you get bad news and you feel sad and experience sorrow. Other times the pain of a loss is so overwhelming and it can’t be explained. This feeling of deep sadness is all the more overwhelming because we lost somebody we never even met but had come to love through the mail.

Our Donor Beatrice Berke died on March 10th, 2013.   We first heard from Beatrice in July 2011.   She had read an article in the paper concerning what we do and sent us her ten dollar check along with a note, explaining that it wasn’t much but it was all she could afford and she wanted to help.   We immediately wrote back and assured her that if everyone gave $10.00 we would be rich.

Every month thereafter her check and little notes arrived and soon the staff was looking forward to her monthly notes.   When a letter arrived saying she had just had a wonderful 88th birthday, we immediately sent her addressed envelopes and asked her to keep in touch each month, no donations necessary.   But no, from that first check in July 2011 thru February 2013 she never ever missed a month.

Her cheery notes will be sorely missed and we are so sorry that we never got to tell her that she actually represents the donors of The Pantry.   Beatrice, our little corner stone of our grass roots donors, who are always there for us.   Goodbye sweet Beatrice you will be missed.”

Veralynne Williams

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