The Pantry of Broward has a compassionate and unique way of providing services for its clients.  The Clinical Director and our social services department will provide support as well as assistance in navigating the system to secure the services needed by the client.

Some of the services we assist the client in accessing may include locating affordable housing, modification of mortgages (includes referrals to an agency, which specializes in this service), locating available resources i.e.: grants, or stimulus funding to avoid foreclosure.  The department can provide assistance in obtaining needed transportation, i.e. bus pass. Making home visits. Advocating for the client to obtain needed services.  Advise client of the latest or newest service that would benefit the client i.e.: Medicare/Medicaid waivers, medically needed Medicaid, etc.  Perform budget analysis and planning for needed clients, Our Social Services department has a hands on approach and believes in going beyond the call of duty and does every day.

In addition to the other services we provide, we keep the clients updated on any social security changes, assuring the client receives all benefits they are entitled to relating to SSI.  Our Social Services department will secure and/or complete the necessary documents to receive Social Security benefits for the client, leaving the client without that burden of doing it alone or having to physically go to the social security office. Most times clients make one stop at The Pantry, apply for food stamps and receive a 55 lb box of food each month.