The Pantry of Broward serves seniors in need living on low, fixed incomes and grandparents raising their grandchildren throughout Broward County



Exercise offers both physical and emotional benefits. While the idea of launching a new exercise routine can be exciting, we urge you to review these exercise recommendations for seniors so that you can be both active and safe.
You’re interested in exercising to improve your health, right? Many older adults are living with chronic conditions and activity limitations. If you fall in this group, ask your doctor for advice regarding what activities would be a good fit for someone with your unique health situation before starting a new fitness program. Physical therapists and fitness professionals can also be great resources. According to the World Health Organization, adults age 65 and older should aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week if they are able to do so. However, if you’ve been largely sedentary, start low and slow. Begin with short periods of a low-intensity activity like walking or swimming. Over time, you will probably discover that you can gradually increase your physical activity.

If your exercise routine is fun, you are more likely to stick with it. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and choose activities that are appropriate, enjoyable, and available throughout the year. If you enjoy socializing, consider finding an exercise buddy, choosing a group activity, or attending a fitness class. Combining your exercise routine with social time just might help you stick with it.