The Pantry of Broward serves seniors in need living on low, fixed incomes and grandparents raising their grandchildren throughout Broward County


Our Services

The Pantry of Broward is a “one-stop shop” for seniors (ages 60+) struggling to live on low fixed incomes and grandparents raising their grandchildren. Each of our clients meets with our Director of Client Services regularly to review their individual needs and determine how The Pantry of Broward can best help them. Typical services provided include:


Nutritional Food Monthly


Each month, The Pantry of Broward provides its 425 clients with a 55-pound box of nutritional food, including fresh fruits and vegetables and bread.
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Affordable Housing


Many of our clients are in need of housing they can afford and/or repairs to their existing homes. The Pantry of Broward serves as a resource

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A Helping Hand


Grandparents thrust into the role of caring for their grandchildren often need assistance with obtaining benefits for those children and need legal custody

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In Addition


We also assist our clients with guidance to affordable healthcare and medication, as well as try to assist them with their unique individual needs.

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I have legal custody of my granddaughter and needed help because our electricity had been turned off. My bills were so high that I couldn’t pay them anymore. The Pantry got my power turned back on and also helped me find affordable transportation so that I could safely get my granddaughter to and from school each day. We get monthly food from The Pantry, too. Their help has been a Godsend.

II came to The Pantry of Broward asking for help in getting legal custody of my granddaughter, who needed heart surgery. I had lost my job and was struggling to care for her. I couldn’t pay my mortgage and my house was close to going into foreclosure. The Pantry helped me make my mortgage payment, provided us with food and helped me get the legal process underway so that I could adopt my grandchild and so that she could get her operation. I am very grateful to The Pantry of Broward for all that they have done for me and my family.

I am one of the people who benefit from the food drives held for The Pantry and I just want to say ‘thank you’ to all involved and everyone at the Pantry who always seem to have a smile on their face and make each of us who avail ourselves of your service feel as if we are doing them a favor by allowing them to help us. There is never a feeling of a charity or being a ‘charity case.’ I look forward to coming the The Pantry of Broward not only for the desperately needed food but for the good feelings they give me and that I carry around the rest of the day.

By the time I was 73, my savings was gone and I had to come out of retirement and work as a part-time janitor because my Social Security check couldn’t keep up with rising prices. I lived for a year with no electricity in my apartment and came to The Pantry for help when I faced eviction. They found me a new place to live and provided me with monthly food boxes. They even loaned me a cart so I could easily transport my food boxes on the bus.

After working hard all my life and dreaming about an easier life after I retired, I realized that I would never make it on just $210 from Social Security each month. I went back to work but was laid off during the economic downturn. I couldn’t pay my mortgage or my bills. It was hard asking for help but that’s just what I did. The Pantry gave me a box of food and helped me get enrolled in an employment program for seniors. Now I work part-time at The Pantry of Broward!